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About Jacqui

I grew up in Aspen, Colorado in the heart of the Rockies. I was born into an adventurous lifestyle of skiing, biking and outdoor exploration. My time spent running wild as a kid instilled a deep connection and love for nature. As I grow

older, I appreciate having the energy and strength to move freely, think clearly and repair quickly to fully enjoy the magic that life has to offer. 


My interest in health began with my own injuries, as a professional big mountain skier. I skied competitively for a number of years which took a hard hit physically and mentally. I found that massage had a profound effect on rejuvenating my whole system. I was curious and wanted to learn more about how my body worked, this led me to receive a Certification in Massage Therapy from the Crestone Healing Arts Center, in Colorado. This program included a variety of healing techniques alongside massage, such as chi gong, kundalini yoga, aikido and herbalism. The healing and education that took place through breath, bodywork and movement in Crestone was one of the many steps that sparked my passion for holistic health, and another was working with plants.


Growing up I was surrounded by gardens and greenhouses full of flowers, fruits and veggies that my mother had passionately tended to. This upbringing encouraged me to study small scale sustainable agriculture at Prescott College. The classes focused on systems that supported the natural ecosystem rather than depleting it. This exposed me to how interwoven our agriculture system is to the health of our planet and the health of our species. Learning this holistic approach, I was inspired to volunteer at the Colorado Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, work on organic farms and start my own project reintroducing native and medicinal species. I also spent time discovering the plants in the forest and began experimenting with foraging and making my own medicine.


At the time, my health had its ups and downs showing up as skin issues, allergic reactions, digestive complaints and irregular cycles. I had been in and out of the doctor's office with no real answers and had hit a wall with conventional medicine.


This is where I decided to commit to natural alternatives and herbalism. 

I dove head first into plant medicine, nutrition and "alternative" healing.


I went on to study at the Hawthorn Institute in Williams, Oregon...“an exploration into the inner workings of the human body and the elemental relationships that link plants, place, and personal health.” The school's property was full of medicinal gardens where I studied human and plant physiology and how the two interact. 


Advanced clinical herbalism was my next step and I went on to attend the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, Colorado. The more I learnt about our relationship with plants and the nutrients our bodies need, I began to understand the importance of diet and nutrition in the healing process. With yet another profound educational experience, I decided to study nutrition in more 


In 2019, I moved up to Revelstoke, Canada for the world class skiing, biking, unique interior rainforest and a change of pace! While in Revy, I joined the Nutritional Therapy Association's Practitioner program to focus on a scientific and holistic approach to addressing the root cause of imbalance. This training connected a lot of dots with my own health and my understanding of the human body and I finally started to un 

I have recently moved to Lennox Head, Australia. Here your will find me surfing, gardening and working with clients through my practice as a Functional Nutritionist and Clinical Herbalist. The opportunities and potential are unlimited when we decide to commit to ourselves and finally the time to focus on supporting optimal function of the body.

Education and Certifications

Restorative Wellness Solutions

2022 Certified Restorative Wellness Solutions Practitioner

Funk'tional Nutrition Academy

2022 Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner

Nutritional Therapy Association

2020 Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

2017 Certified Clinical Herbalist

Hawthorn Institute

2016 Certified Herbalist

Crestone Healing Arts Center

2009 Certified Massage Therapist

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My Philosophy 

"I believe that we hold the inherent wisdom to heal ourselves.

When we remove the stressors and guide the body with natural strategies, we are able reach optimal wellness. From the food we eat to the products we buy, everything is connected, there is a ripple effect with every action. When we choose a diet that consists of consciously grown plants and ethically raised meats, we can revive the soil within ourselves and that of the planet!"

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