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The Smoothie Template

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

When we are trying to stabilize blood sugar, smoothies can often be doing more damage than good by spiking our blood sugar first thing in the morning. This is not what you want!

Yes fruits are nutritious, we just don't need to over do it! Smoothies are a great way to get in nutrition in a delicious way. Whenever we are creating a meal or snack the goal is to minimize a sugar blast.

How? Increase fiber, protein, fats and low starch veggies.

Always think to use food in its whole and natural form.

This recipe was inspired by Erin Holt Health and her amazing podcast...

Serves 2

Pick and choose your greens, veggies and fruits and then add in your "extras" with water and nuts!


(e.g. spinach, kale, romaine)


(e.g. frozen zucchini, frozen cauliflower/ cauliflower rice)


(e.g. berries, banana, pomegranate, nectarines, apple)

2 CUPS "MILK" = water + handful of nuts

2 tbsp MCT oil

2 tbsp grass-fed collagen or protein powder

2 tbsp seeds (hemp, flax, chia. pumpkin, or a mix of all)

Get creative with your additions:

- nut butter, cacao, nuts, coconut yogurt, an avocado, powdered herbs and mushrooms, cinnamon, spices, maca

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