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Nutritional Therapy with Jacqui

I help outdoor enthusiasts struggling with fatigue and digestive discomfort heal their gut and regain their energy so they can get back to enjoying the activities they love. 


I use functional lab testing to uncover the root cause of my clients' symptoms and provide them with individualized nutrition and supplement recommendations so they can balance their energy, improve their mood, and properly fuel their unique bodies.

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How individualized care works...

1st Step: Discovery Call

This is your first step! We will meet for 30 minutes to see if my offerings and your concerns are a good fit. This service has no charge.

2nd Step: Initial Assessment $250

In this 90 minute session, we start putting the puzzle pieces together to see where your body is out of balance by reviewing your intake forms, a 4 day food & mood, your health history and your presenting symptoms. My approach is that the whole body is an interconnected web of systems and every piece of information is valuable...

Here we will clarify your health goals, order lab testing and get you headed in the right direction! Following your initial assessment we will decide which program is best suited for you. 

*Note that the cost of lab testing is not included. Please reach out via email for a current testing price list.

3rd Step: Dive into the process

We will check in consistently to maintain accountably and to continuously direct you towards your health goals. You are the driver and I am here to guide and help you navigate your healing journey. We will work at a pace that feels good to your nervous system and that suits your current lifestyle.

12 week program 


Flower Buds

What's Included?

Individualized Care

Deep dive into your health history.

Review of your current diet and supplements.

Specific protocols based on your current symptoms, lab results and diet. 

Tropical Leaves

Resources & Education

Clarity and education around how to become the best version of yourself. It is important to understand why we are making certain dietary, lifestyle and supplement changes!

Functional Lab Testing

Functional Lab testing and analysis is offered to help identify and address the root cause of your current symptoms. 

Communication & Support

You have direct access to Jacqui with any questions, concerns or curiosities while working together.

Foundational Support

Digestive discomfort and low energy can be addressed when we focus on building in the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. We work on balancing blood sugar, optimizing digestion, mineral status, hydration, fatty acid balance and a nutrient dense diet to make sure your bases are covered!



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